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Additional therapies

In addition to the three traditional treatment methods (surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy) a number of new therapies can be used.

Systemic therapies

Tyrosinkinase-Inhibitors (TKI): Masivet and Palladia

Tyrosinkinase-Inhibitors (TKI) are drugs to fight cancer. In contrast to the conventional chemotherapy, TKI’s are a so called target therapy. Most tumors exhibit very special features, partly seen as markers on the tumor cell surface. Target therapy uses these special markers to fight tumor cells very specifically. At the moment, tumors treated with TKI’s are mast cell tumors, T-cell lymphomas, leukemia, histiocytic tumors and neuroendocrine tumors.

Melanoma vaccine

Oral melanomas are the most frequent tumors of the mouth in our dog patients. Even if treated with very aggressive therapies, they often lead to the animal's death.
A new vaccine, developed and commercialized in the United States, offers a completely new therapeutic approach and promises much longer survival times.
The AOI Center was the first European oncological institute that was authorized to import and use this vaccine.

More information on the melanoma vaccine


Thalidomide is the therapeutic agent of „Contergan“, a drug formerly used to treat nausea in early pregancy and then discredited, because it caused very bad congenital disorders in the newborn. Nowadays, thalidomide is used again under very special circumstances in cancer therapy, because it exhibits a strong effect against tumor vessel growth.
Besides the well known teratogenic effect in the unborn, we hardly see any side effects when treating cancer patiens with thalidomide.
The AOI Center uses thalidomide to treat multiple myeloma (gold standard treatement in human medicine), and other tumors such as leukemia or hemangiosarcomas in dogs.
Final results are still pending, but preliminary data are promising.


Artemisinin is a phytotherapeutic agent which is used as a standard treatment against Malaria. Yet it has also shown some anti-cancer effects, epsecially in fast growing tumors with a high iron consumption. Artemisinin is given orally and is very well tolerated by our cancer patients. The first results are promising.


Intralesional therapies

Oncept IL-2 for the treatment of fibrosarcoma in cats

This product is an immunotherapy for the treatment of cats with fibrosarcoma. Although it is not yet authorized in Switzerland, the AOI Center can import it and use it in a clinical study on cats with fibrosarcomas that could not undergo a surgical excision.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us:

Immunocytokines for the treatment of superficial tumors in dogs

We are conducting a clinical study in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich to investigate the effects of special immunocytokines in dogs with superficial tumors.