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Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography (CT) is a cross-sectional imaging technique that uses radiation (x-rays). In modern helical CT scanners, the x-ray tube is continuosly rotating around the examination table. During the examination, the table with the patient is moving through the imaging plane. Multiple images of the body part of interest are obtained within a very short time. The data is converted into transverse images of the region examined, i. e. the body is virtually cut in slices and is visible without any summation. The images are similar to radiographic images, but the tissue can be visualized and evaluated in more detail, because different tissues have a different density, meaning they are visible in different shades of gray.


The helical CT scanner of the AOI Center obtains eight slices of the body at a time, so examination of any area of the body is finished in several seconds.

CT 2

Because the patients are not allowed to move during the examination, a short general anesthesia is necessary. Unfortunately, horses cannot be scanned with CT. Our CT table was not designed for heavy patients such as horses.



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Information about Computed Tomography